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Frequently Asked Questions

Spring is the season, Roots are active and give fresh leaves by this time. A freshness every year, fresh innovations - every year we support.
in other way
Roots are like Springs and hold the trees up and yielding. Creating a growth that is visible but being in the ground unseen. We push Startups to be in the lime light with their super innovations, we do limit our public interactions.
Innovation, to solve improve - literally anything from Space to Pens.
Technically Yes if you are 18+.
Yes, but from our network of Investors, not from Spring Roots company.
By applying and being in our Incubation program.
Even there is no such guarantee that your startup can get funding by our network, it all depends on the Value propositions and Team behind the proposals. Mere idea won't be enough to get any funding. Spring Roots will never give any such promise of funding. Spring Roots is a facilitator and a platform to be connected to Investors, Investors choice is final.
This will come in our incubation program after you join.

What is the procedure to join Spring Roots ? How are we going to benefit from Spring Roots Programs as startups and entrepreneurs?

Spring Roots is welcoming Entrepreneurs for various benefits to receive. Joining Spring Roots is simple, just pay for the relevant service online and get your membership. Once we receive your payment notification, we start researching on your project by inviting you into Spring Roots. We will guide you through the scope of the works and time line. As a team, Startups will receive a bunch of free services in the actual incubation program. A complete End - End support system for your startup will be articulated and these are unique in nature, tailored to your needs.

Yeah, its not possible to sign an NDA as the Idea origin is not known practically, and we do not wish to share any of Ideas we hear from Entrepreneurs, but we polish them for their own good. In our view, Ideas are valued 1%, pre execution.
Yes, we will validate each and rewrite you. But we admit one only.
Its complicated, we have the choice to separate our priority verticals from the rest.
Yes for sure, you are welcome to receive our services, we are an accelerator too.
First let us validate your great Idea in detail, then we can tell about funding scope. Non technical persons can start a startup and can still get funding.
No need, we will take care if your startup is admitted.
Win Valley has so many other places to move around, we are not for Tourists. And we do not offer such facility. We are a small, place with biggest innovations possible to our level best at this point of time.
No - in general, but it depends on the application and the team behind that innovation.
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