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We can be a Value Addition for your School / College
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Our teacher interactive programs teach the teacher. With the help of our programs School Teachers can learn the new techniques and methods to make the student learner efficient. Below is what a school can get from our programs
1. Evolution of Teaching - How a student learns that how products are made and how they come to a student
2. How to teach a student according to their learning type, focus
3. How to use a scientific process to test students, to improve teaching
4. Understanding the psychology of a training environment, assess teachers and their skills to teach
5. Using science to create effective and efficient students
6. Using Robots as a teacher to teach teachers

Other Value Additions with SpringRoots
Admissions: - support through Admissions, year on year. Bringing parents and Schools together by conducting area wise school fests.
Increasing Student Retain ship rate by introducing unique workshops and programs at school campuses.
Schools can be found on Social media via our campaigns.
School activities and regular updates can be done from school administration end.
School can monetize their intellectual property through subscription model.
Intellectual data access from portal data centre.
More publicity and participation on events like science fair, sports meets
Free book racks with locker facility.
Clean office initiative.
Artful atmosphere at school compound.
Theme decoration support on important days, fests.
Scholars from Educationally advanced countries like Germany, Israel, Canada, Sweden, UK, USA.

Benefits to Teachers:
Job Vacancies.
Multiple Sources to improve skills.

Benefits to Students:
Subscriptions to reputed schools.
Engaging content for their thinking capacity improvement and for their further studies.
School fests.
School bag racks with lockers.
And A lot of workshops.

Community service is an activity that engages students with real-life solutions to strengthen communities.

SpringRoots directly assists schools to develop and improve their Local service activities and service-learning programs. Each school year, SpringRoots provides professional learning workshops for schools interested and ready to implement service-learning, a teaching strategy that integrates meaningful locality service with classroom curriculum.
The workshops provide strategies for building a culture of service and service-learning in your school community as well as how to evaluate its impact on students' achievement.
SpringRoots provides schools with resources to create and enhance their learning programs, student opportunities, professional learning workshops, local service projects, partners, and helpful resources.
SpringRoots offers a range of resources for schools to empower students, as well as recognizes and helps schools sustain outstanding service and service-learning programs.

Teacher’s Capacity Improvement Workshops (customized): Advanced communication skills workshop.
Comprehensive Government Administrative Bodies Functionality Workshops: How Government works and the people behind it. What exactly causes delays and impacts?
Workshop on First Aid + Health habits: House surgeons will guide the teachers on first aid & Health habits for students.
APIS programs. National & international school educational trends, a documentation will be given to school on quarterly basis.

Awareness on modern education scope with limited budget and infrastructure

For Colleges- Entrepreneurship Programs
We have found that no two Colleges are identical, but we know that the process runs smoothly when the Colleges work closely with a dedicated Startup Incubator. Our experience makes us well placed to advise, guide and reassure your students every step of the way. Support includes the creation of an individual plan for your College students. Our Training and Development service provides a comprehensive range of entrepreneurial opportunities for your whole College Students.

Design Thinking Workshops

Leaning Design Thinking early will deliver a great amount of value for your students.

Social Service Participation

Participating in Locality service programs will be a great way of learning how society functions.

Ideation Workshops

Children Innovations will be awarded by SpringRoots, we extend all services for free for such Children.

Idea Challenges

A new concept, Idea challenge among the locality schools to best identify the top education systems in schools.

Student Innovation

We have a special program, scholarship facility for Student Innovators.


Your School/College will be best promoted with our programs, International level as well.

Contents & Material

We help you preparing the best content for your students and teachers.

Entrepreneurship Basics

For colleges, we can deliver a complete manual on Entrepreneurship and Advantages being an entrepreneur.


Lets Start

We work collaboratively with schools and training providers to continually identify new programs of study, support and respond creatively to training and development needs at both an organisational and individual level.

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A growing network of professional associates allows us to offer schools specialist training and updates on new and emerging agendas.

Our approach is supportive, working with your college/school to identify a learning program that will equip your staff with the skills,

knowledge and confidence that they need to perform better in their roles and provide the best standard of education for children.

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Make students learn that everyone has something to give to make the world a better place.
Green Cover Creation

Waste Free Locality

Does your school have a great service project Initiative to show a way to other Schools?
if not
We can help creating an Innovative, Locality Friendly, Cost effective program for your School and students.
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